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It's finally getting warm outside!!

How's your A/C working in your vehicle?

We can now service your vehicle's A/C system!!!

Anything from just a recharge to finding and repairing a leak to replacing your A/C Compressor!

Come see us:   Monday - Friday  8AM - 5PM

Authorized Dealer for Michelin, BF Goodrich, Uniroyal and Hankook, We also service all national tire accounts for Michelin, BF Goodrich and Uniroyal

Immediate & Helpful
Towing & Repair Assistance

DTE Repair and Towing in Oak Hill, WV, provides quality emergency vehicle services. When you are frustrated from a broken down car, truck, or fleet vehicle, you want immediate and helpful assistance. DTE Repair and Towing will come to your automobile, in our service areas of West Virginia, to tow you to our shop and repair the damage. From a motor replacement to a tune-up, we provide all vehicle repair services imaginable.

We can even wash your car so when you take it out on the road again it will look and feel brand new. When calling for towing and repair assistance, do not call the amateurs. Contact us at (304) 469‑3837 or contact us online.

Using the Best
Technology Money Can Buy

DTE Repair and Towing was established in 2013 in Oak Hill, WV, and has become a necessity in the area. Not only do we tow your automobile to our shop for a repair, we also sell tires and provide other services. We have regular and modified state inspection stickers, so that when you are getting our services, you are getting the best. When we run computer diagnostics, we use the best technology that money can buy. Whatever problem you are having with your residential, commercial, or fleet vehicle, we have the technology and experience to help. Contact us for our emergency services.

State of the art diagnostics and equipment

We accommodate all makes and models we offer competitive pricing

Lightweight and Mediumweight towing service 24/7

Providing quality welding fabrication

Depend on us for all your fleet needs

Call When Stranded
on Major Highway or Small Road

We provide many services to customers throughout our service areas. We never want to leave you stranded on the side of a major highway or a small road. Whether the road is big or small, it is always safer to call DTE Repair and Towing immediately. When we bring our emergency towing equipment to you, we will tow you back to our shop. If you are not broken down and do not have an emergency, our shop is always open to provide you with automobile repair! Some of the services we provide include:

Computer Diagnostics

Tune Ups

Exhaust & Muffler Service

Transmission Repair

Motor Replacement

Brake Repair

A/C Service & Repair

Pressure Washing

Road Service

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